Welcome to Urban Green Loft

5 12 2012

For most of us, we live in two worlds and for some of us, we may live in even more than that.  There is the world of work, time schedules, speed and multitasking.  However, the other one is far superior and it is that of family, friends, and winding down.  While the second is more likely to be fleeting and all together less time consuming, it is what we all look forward to, whether is momentary or not.

Growing up in the country had its advantages.  I could feel safe playing in the yard, and in the woods, building forts, playing on swings and just all together adventure seeking.  My mother’s house was filled from top to bottom with homemade things.  From the braided rugs my aunt made, the wood craving my grandfather created, the paintings of my grandma, to the crosssitching that my mother painstakingly did, our house was full of love.  I probably didn’t appriecate back then how unique and special that was.  I dreamed of moving out as soon as I could and seeing the world- which I assume every child does at somepoint.  Now I suppose I am there.  In this world that is swirling around me, and each one of us.

Holding on the the beautiful memories of yesterday while trying to evolve into both what we need and want to be isn’t easy, but it is necessary.  It is an art in and of itself.  Urban Green Loft is a blend of many ‘worlds’ as it were.  Don’t get me wrong, the concept is nothing new, but it is something we all try and balance most if not everyday.

I hope to provide and recieve tips on how to blend these themes, county with urban, rustic with modern, efficiency with simplicity.  While Urban Green Loft will deal mainly with home decor, (what can I say- it runs in my family 😉 ) it will no doubt touch on other ascepts as well, such as cooking, cleaning, ect.  I hope you enjoy and look forward to taking this journey with you!


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